Stall hire pitches are sold under the following conditions…

  1. Bookings are accepted at the absolute discretion of The M Festival Committee.  Payment will be refunded in full for any booking refused.
  2. Stalls spaces measure 3m x 3m. Any one stallholder may book a maximum of two stalls to measure 3m x 6min in total. All stallholders are responsible for bringing their own gazebo, table and chairs etc.
  3. Commercial Stalls cost £40 to hire for the day for a 3m x 3m single pitch. A double pitch (3m x 6m) costs £70 to hire for the day.
  4. Craft / Treatment stalls cost £75 to hire for the day for a single pitch. A double pitch (3m x 6m) costs £120 to hire for the day.
  5. Charity and Community Stalls cost £20 to hire for the day for a single pitch. A double pitch (3m x 6m) costs £40 to hire for the day.
  6. Please note there is no car movement between the hours of 12.30pm and 11:45pm on the festival day. If you need to remove your stall earlier than 11:30pm then you will need to do this via trollies etc.
  7. All stallholders must keep within the space of their stall. No freestanding adverts or signs are allowed.
  8. Payment must be received at the time of booking. No booking will be confirmed until payment is received in full.
  9. On-site electricity is limited and provided at the discretion of the fesitval committee, please indicate in your application whether you’ll need power from us and what for. Diesel generators are permitted, petrol generators are not permitted. All generators are the stall-holders responsibility to maintain and keep full of diesel.
  10. The stallholder must not place goods beyond the boundaries of the stall, either on the ground or hanging, except by permission of the Festival Committee.
  11. The stallholder must keep the stall and fittings, and the space below the stall clean and free from litter. All litter must be taken home
    and not left onsite or put in the bins around the festival. Any rubbish left behind or deposited in the bins will incur a fine of £25.
  12. The stallholders selling food products must comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations as amended, and the Food
    Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995 as amended.
  13. The stallholder must have public liability insurance cover for at least £5m and send in a copy of their insurance for verification purposes.
  14. Stall holders shall not be entitled to assign, share or sublet all or part of their site without prior written consent from the Festival organisers.
  15. All vehicles must be removed off‐site after setting up (or by 12.30pm at the very latest) as directed by the Festival Committee. No
    stallholders will be permitted to have vehicles in the festival arena during the hours of the event.
  16. The M Festival Committee will not be liable for any loss or damage, consequential or otherwise, to any trader’s property or produce.
  17. The M Festival Committee reserves the right to cancel your booking if you fail to provide information when requested by the committee e.g. copies of insurance certificates etc.
  18. We do not expect stall operators to smoke within the vicinity of their stall. There will be a designated smoking area on the day located near the ticket gates.
  19. The M Festival Committee reserves the right to order a stallholder to cease trading in the event either of a breach of these terms and conditions or of a gross misconduct (which shall be deemed to include any behaviour liable to disrupt lawful trade or to damage the reputation of M Festival).

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